Thursday, July 01, 2004

182 lakes in Gunungkidul drying up

Source: The Jakarta Post 1/7/2004

Seventy percent of the 260 lakes in Gunungkidul regency, or 182 lakes, have dried up, causing concern that thousands of people in the regency will soon lack water.

Subechi, the deputy regent of Gunungkidul in Yogyakarta province said people could no longer take water from the 182 lakes. This has prompted the Gunungkidul regency administration to deploy an additional eight water trunks to distribute free water to local residents, he said. "All in all, we have 13 water trucks and I think that is enough to meet demand," he said. However, out in the streets the residents tell a different story. With the loss of the lakes, residents say they are now forced to buy water for their daily needs.

Sumantri, an official at the Semanu district administration, said four of five subdistricts in the district had been dealing with water shortages for the last several days. Residents in the area have begun buying jerricans of water for Rp 70,000 per jerrican. He also said Semanu district was not the only district in the regency with water shortages. Other districts suffering from water shortages are Tepus, Saptosari, Girisubo, Panggang, Purwosari and Tanjungsari, he said. "We ask the government to deliver water to our districts. Currently, we are facing difficulties in obtaining clean water," he said.