Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Victorian Government Water Strategy Paper

Source: Victorian Government Water Strategy Paper - "Our Water, Our Future"

The above link is to a Victorian Government water strategy white paper entitled "Our Water, Our Future".

Whilst it relates to the state of Victoria, some of the issues are similar to those faced in Indonesia. As such, the respective strategies may be of interest.

Pdf format files for each chapter of the document are available for viewing and/or download.

A brief outline of the content is as follows:

Chapter One: A Secure Water Future for Victoria(PDF 1327 kb)
Meeting the challenge
A pathway to sustainable water management

Chapter Two: Water Resources and their Allocation(PDF 782 kb)
Our Water Resources and Its Values
Improving the water allocation system
Creating a New Sustainable Framework
The New Water Allocation Framework in Practice
Long-Term Water Resource Planning
Varying Water Entitlements
Improving Compliance and accountability
Managing future risks
Addressing impacts of catchment land use

Chapter Three: Dealing with Stressed Rivers(PDF 1983 kb)
Tackling all aspects of river health
Additional resources for protecting and repairing rivers and aquifers
The Environmental Water Reserve: From Concept to Reality
Enhancing the Environmental Water Reserve in stressed rivers
Managing the Environmental Water Reserve

Chapter Four: Smarter Use of Irrigation Water(PDF 1014 kb)
Refining water entitlements to improve choice
Simplifying and providing more certainty about water shares
Dealing with channel congestion and stranded assets
Upgrading and rationalising distribution services
Helping water use on farms to be sustainable

Chapter Five: Smarter Use of Water in Cities and Towns(PDF 1475 kb)
Policy framework for sustainable urban water management
Balancing water supply and damand
Reducing water consumption
Actions to deliver water savings
Recycling And Alternative Water Supplies
Securing our drinking water supplies
Getting The Right Planning Framework And Regulation

Chapter Six: Pricing for Sustainability(PDF 647 kb)
Structure and design of prices driving sustainable use
Environmental contribution
Pricing to recover service delivery costs
Long-term interests of customers
Revised concession arrangements

Chapter Seven: An Innovative and Accountable Water Sector(PDF 708 kb)
Improved clarity and allocation of roles and responsibilities
Improved capability and effectiveness
Improved integration and coordination
Incentives for innovation and improved performance

Glossary of Terms and Appendix(PDF 211 kb)