Monday, August 23, 2004

Firms asked to build water catchment systems

Source: The Jakarta Post

Tangerang administration has asked all industrial firms to establish water catchments in their factory compounds in an effort to anticipate water shortages during the dry season and floods during the rainy season.

Mayor Wahidin Halim said earlier this week that the water catchment system would help preserve the environment in the municipality.

"Industrial firms have used groundwater on a large scale every single day. In the near future, we will face a water crisis," he said. "The water catchments will help absorb rainwater and will eventually help overcome flooding, which hits most parts of the municipality every year."

Meanwhile, head of the Tangerang Environmental Agency M. Akip said the administration had introduced the water catchment system in 2002.

"Based on our recent surveys, only a few firms have complied with our call to build water catchments. The administration will likely draft a bylaw that stipulates all industrial firms must comply," he said.

"Besides, air pollution from the increasing number of vehicles and from factories has affected the air quality of Tangerang municipality. Expanding green areas is an urgent need," he added.

The agency called on all firms, offices and community members to plant more trees in their areas.

Akip said environmental preservation was not merely the administration's responsibility but that of community members and industrial firms.

The administration recently planted around 150,000 trees in conjunction with World Environment Day on June 5.

"The administration's efforts to preserve the environment will not be effective if the residents fail to maintain green areas," Akip said.