Saturday, September 11, 2004

NGOs oppose water rate hike

Source: The Jakarta Post

JAKARTA: The Indonesian Consumers Foundation (YLKI), the Jakarta Water Consumers Community (Komparta) and the Indonesian Water Contractors Association (Akaindo) oppose the plan to gradually increase water rates every six months.

'City-run tap water operator PD PAM Jaya is trying to assure the public that the existing problems in the company are because of the low water rates and consumers reluctance to pay their water bills,' YLKI chairwoman Indah Suksmaningsih told a press conference on Friday.
She criticized the city administration for ignoring the public's objection to the plan.
'PDAM only considers the city revenue, instead of public interests,' she added.
The plan was approved by the Jakarta City Council on July 23 and implemented by the Ministry of Settlement and Regional Infrastructure on Aug. 4. -- JP