Thursday, February 17, 2005

INDOWATER 2005 Expo & Forum

Source: Indowater 2005

INDOWATER 2005 Expo & Forum - Indonesia's No.1 Water and Wastewater Industry Event will once again be the key platform for the industry to meet and do business when it is staged from 29 - 31 March 2005 at the Jakarta Convention Centre, Jakarta, Indonesia. The Indonesian government has put water a priority in response to increasing demand for clean water for both domestic and industrial consumption. In addition, the provision of modern sanitation facilities and sewerage treatment has to be addressed in towns and cities across Indonesia. At the same time, authorities and industrialists are aware of the urgency in proper treatment of industrial wastewater to ensure sustainable growth.

Indonesia represents the best growth potential in the water and wastewater sector in the region. The decentralization of the water supply sector is now underway and major investment is required to upgrade current facilities and to meet growing demand for potable water. The 303 water authorities have targeted to double the production capacity from 96 (l/s) million from 1999 to 184.19 (l/s) million in 2005. During this same period, household connections are projected to triple from 4,748,000 to 12,678,000. Currently, water supply and sanitation projects covering 13 cities in Indonesia costing an estimated US$ 785 million is in progress. Another US$ 1,215 million budget has been approved for similar projects in 29 cities. Plans are underway for water and wastewater projects in 34 cities in Indonesia. Opportunities are abound in water treatment technology for the commercial and industrial sector as water quality remain an issue.