Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Locals raise stink over polluted river

Source: The Jakarta Post

Residents of Kampung Limus Nunggal Hilir in Caringin subdistrict, Bogor, complained on Tuesday that the Cicukangaleuh River was polluted with cow manure from PT Sumber Citarasa Alam Farm.

The Jakarta Post observed the farm, located in nearby Kampung Babakan, dispose of liquid waste through a sewage pipe ending in the river, which is now green in color and foul smelling.

One resident, Ida, said many locals used water from the river to bathe and wash clothes.

"Over the last few years, we have asked the management of the farm several times to treat its waste and not to dispose of it in the river. The river was clean before, you could see the bottom. It was only a little muddy during the rainy season," she told the Post.

Another resident, Subagyo Setiawan, who lives near the farm, said the farm did provide jobs for residents.

"But none of us can stand the smell of the cow manure," he said.

An executive at the farm, Emisjaya, said the farm was doing everything in its power to assure the safety of its operations.

"This farm has been assessed and we have an operation permit from the West Java Animal Husbandry Agency," he said, adding that the farm breeds about 400 cows. -- JP