Thursday, March 03, 2005

No clean water in Cibarusah

Source: The Jakarta Post

BEKASI: Residents of four villages in Cibarusah district, Bekasi, are short of clean water, forcing them to consume rainwater or the muddy water of Cipamingkis and Cihoe Sidogali rivers, Antara reported on Wednesday.

The four villages are Rido Galih, Rido Manah, Cibarusah Jaya and Sirna Jati.

Cibarusah district head Sutia Resmulyawan explained that the residents had been unsuccessful in attempts to make wells as the village lies on sedimentary rock.

"I hope the Bekasi water operator can reach this area soon ... I'm afraid the residents will become ill if they continue to consume rainwater, or take water from the river," he added.

Acip, 37, of Sirna Jati village, criticized the sluggish response from the administration and the water operator.

"We've been waiting for them to keep their promise to install a water pump," he said. -- JP