Saturday, April 02, 2005

Floods hit South Bandung

Source: The Jakarta Post

BANDUNG: More than 4,800 houses in South Bandung have been hit by floods on Friday, with waters up to three meters high following two straight days of heavy rain, forcing at least 23,898 people to flee to safety.

Head of development welfare and community protection in Bandung regency, Edin Hendradin, said the floods affected nine districts: Majalaya, Ciparay, Rancaekek, Banjaran, Pameungpeuk, Bojongsoang, Beleendah, Dayeuhkolot and Katapang.

"We're still busy taking residents who are trapped in their houses to safety," Edin said.

The floods also cut roads from South Bandung to Bandung city, forcing some residents to skip school and work.